UNE 135900

UNE 135900 – Spanish Standard

Published in 2005, the UNE 135900 is a norm for evaluating the performance under motorcyclist impact of a Safety Barrier and it is based in the French L.I.E.R. protocol. In this Standard, also it’s simulated a motorcyclist body, separated of the motorcycle, sliding on the ground, totally extended with the face up and the head in advance, and impacting a roadside barrier. The trajectories of the motorcycle and rider are deemed to be different.

The protocol uses a modified Hybrid III featuring a modified shoulder and measurements for neck compression, traction and torsion.

The UNE 135900 defines two different types of MPS, punctual and continuous motorcyclist protection systems. The Hybrid III dummy used in the test shall be equipped with motorcycles clothing, including helmet. The impact speed for the test can be of 60 or 70 km/h and an entrance angle of 30˚, with different trajectories. It’s performed two launchings for each type of MPS.

The first trajectory is performed for Continuous and Discontinuous Protections Systems. For both cases the dummy is launched with an angle of 30˚ against the centre of the post, as showed below:

Picture 4 – trajectory one for continuous and discontinuous systems

In the other test configuration for Discontinuous Protection Systems, the dummy is launched against the post, this time not centred, but with an offset of 20 cm.

Picture 5 – trajectory two for discontinuous systems only

If the MPS tested is a Continuous Protection System, the second launch performed is like the one showed below. The dummy hits the barrier in the middle, between two posts.

Picture 6 – trajectory three for continuous systems only

Performance and Acceptance Criteria

The biomechanical parameters for the acceptance of the MPS are divided in two levels:

Table 3 – UNE 135900 biomechanical criteria

The acceptance criteria also depends on the impact speed of the tests performed (60 or 70 km/h). No cuts in the dummy (only in the equipment) and no separation of extremities (only the breakaway mechanism of shoulder is allowed) are permitted. Also its prohibited dummy’s snagging, no part of the dummy shall overpass the MPS and no pieces over 2kg shall be detached from MPS.