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STAR MC Subrail
Product Description
STAR MC subrail is made like a mat consisting of 4 tubes welded together in a length of 6m. These are linked together with a telescopic system of tubes which gives the system freedom to expand or contract depending of the temperature. The tubes are made of polyethylen which is a little elastic and absorb å lot of energy by deformation.
Continuous or Discontinuous System Discontinuous
Compliance with national Test Protocol or Standard:  
Testing Entity or Test House Nordic test center in Norway
Please include the Testing Results There is no standard for motorcycle protective systems in Norway.

STAR MC subrail has been tested in accordance with parts of the Draft 1317-8.
Full-scale test with STAR MC subrail mounted to steel barriers fixed to plastic poles, has been executed in accordance to EN- 1317. N2.
Based on these tests the Norwegian Public Roads Administation has approved the Star MC subrail for use in Norway.
Has your Product also been tested according to CEN/TS1317-8? Yes
Testing Entity or Test House
Performance Class  
Speed class  
Other Performance Criteria
Does your Product comply with any other Standards, Testing Protocols, or Approvals (please describe)?
Is your product to be integrated to existing Road Restraint Systems? Yes
What Road Restraint systems can be combined with your Motorcyclist Protection System? It can be combined with steel guardrails fixed to steel, plastic and wooden posts.
What Durability Standards does your System comply with? 50 years
Specify the Maintenance Requirements for your System