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SGGT Strassenausstattungen GmbH
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BIKE-GUARD is a special steel plate, only 2.5 mm thick and mounted flexibly underneath the guardrail. Each BIKE-GUARD element is mounted with only two loops under the guardrail between the posts. The elements can be produced to fit in with any crash barrier system. BIKE-GUARD allows the biker protection to break away in the event of an impact by a car or a heavier vehicle. This prevents the possibility of vehicle ramping. A defined breaking point, a registered SGGT development, insures that in this case the BIKE-GUARD elements get separated from the guardrail, leaving it with an unimpeded protective function.
Continuous or Discontinuous System Continuous
Compliance with national Test Protocol or Standard: BASt
Testing Entity or Test House BASt
Please include the Testing Results ESP 4.0 with BIKE-GUARD is tested N2-W5-A
Has your Product also been tested according to CEN/TS1317-8? No
Testing Entity or Test House
Performance Class  
Speed class 70 km/h
Other Performance Criteria
Does your Product comply with any other Standards, Testing Protocols, or Approvals (please describe)?
Is your product to be integrated to existing Road Restraint Systems? Yes
What Road Restraint systems can be combined with your Motorcyclist Protection System? ESP, Heintzmann Basic Barrier, Nature-Rail
What Durability Standards does your System comply with? Galvanisation according to EN ISO 1461
The parts are to be arranged into corrosiveness class C4 in accordance with ISO 9223. This means an average zinc erosion of 2.0 to 4.0 ┬Ám/per year. The hot dip galvanising guarantees corrosion protection for over twenty years for crash barriers.
Specify the Maintenance Requirements for your System There are no special requirements for inspection and maintenance. A visual inspection is recommended together with the general regular road inspection. The system itself must not be maintained, if necessary the grass underneath can be mowed or the ground underneath the system can be filled after erosion.