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Cegasa MPS
Product Description
Patented continuous motorcyclist protection system with an innovative design based on a unique geo-textile mesh. Cegasa MPS performance is based on a controlled elasticity due to its specifically designed mesh. It minimizes the possibility of severe or critical consequences for riders impacting against a road restraint system. Safe: Maximum performance: o Impact severity level A according to EN 1317-1,2. o Severity level I according to UNE 135900-1,2. Continuous: there are neither discontinuities nor overlaps, providing maximum safety on two-way roads. Easy installation and maintenance: there is no need to manipulate the road restraint system to install the MPS, minimizing the installation time. No specific maintenance is required. Adaptable: thanks to its elastic design, it can be adapted with no incidence to different heights of the road restraint system. Logistics: reduced weight and volume required for transport. Durability: last generation geo-textile mesh, flame retardant. The mesh has anti-UV protection, being designed for extreme temperature conditions (-20+80ÂșC). Mesh loads tested according to EN ISO 1421. Metallic parts galvanized according to ISO 1461
Continuous or Discontinuous System Continuous
Compliance with national Test Protocol or Standard: UNE 135900
Testing Entity or Test House CIDAUT, IDIADA
Please include the Testing Results Impact severity level 'A' according to EN-1317-1,2
Severity level I according to UNE 135900-1,2
Has your Product also been tested according to CEN/TS1317-8? No
Testing Entity or Test House
Performance Class Level I
Speed class 60 km/h
Other Performance Criteria
Does your Product comply with any other Standards, Testing Protocols, or Approvals (please describe)? Mesh loads tested according to EN ISO 1421
Is your product to be integrated to existing Road Restraint Systems? Yes
What Road Restraint systems can be combined with your Motorcyclist Protection System? Cegasa MPS is designed to be installed on metallic road restraint systems.
It is not appropiate to be installed on rope o concrete barriers.
What Durability Standards does your System comply with? Metallic components galvanized according to ISO 1461.
Specify the Maintenance Requirements for your System No specific maintenance is required. Just a visual check is recommended every 2 years, in order to ensure that the MPS has not suffered external damage that might affect its performance.