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The Motorcyclist Protection System is installed on the BMSNA4/120b system, which has been fitted on many of our roads in recent years. The specially designed anchoring system fully facilitates the positioning of the guard rail at the correct height, ensuring a uniform distance from the ground all along the run and compensating for uneven terrain and height differences in existing barriers. The mounting bracket also allows the motorcycle rail to be raised to match alterations in the level of the road surface. The motorcycle rail can be assembled and raised without having to modify the basic system. More space between the system and the ground (60 mm) allowing water drainage, snow clearance, cleaning of hard shoulders, etc. The mounting bracket is symmetric, and is therefore the same for both the right and left sides of the carriageway. No clamping is necessary in the centre of the barrier. Because no clamping is necessary in the centre, the system can easily be fitted to an existing barrier lacking a central mounting hole. Its small number of components and the fact that it is so easy to install make the system very cost- effective.
Continuous or Discontinuous System Continuous
Compliance with national Test Protocol or Standard: UNE 135900
Testing Entity or Test House ASEBAL TEST LABOLATORY
Please include the Testing Results Test speed 60 km/h
Severity level Level 1
WW: 0,5m
Has your Product also been tested according to CEN/TS1317-8? No
Testing Entity or Test House
Performance Class Level I
Speed class 60 km/h
Other Performance Criteria
Does your Product comply with any other Standards, Testing Protocols, or Approvals (please describe)? UNE0EN 1317-1 and 2
Is your product to be integrated to existing Road Restraint Systems? Yes
What Road Restraint systems can be combined with your Motorcyclist Protection System? All systems on UE Roads, Us, Australia
What Durability Standards does your System comply with? EN ISO 461
Specify the Maintenance Requirements for your System