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Studiengesellschaft für Stahlschutzplanken e.V.
Name of product
Eco-Safe MPS
Product Description
Continuous Motorcycle Protection for effective safety of motorcyclists tested according to CEN/TS 1317-8. Light steel protection, easily attached to road restraint systems Eco-Safe according to RAL-RG 620. 100% steel recycling system.
Continuous or Discontinuous System Continuous
Compliance with national Test Protocol or Standard:  
Testing Entity or Test House CTS
Please include the Testing Results Eco-Safe 2.0 MPS (N2-W3-A; CMPS, C60, Level II)
Eco-Safe 4.0 MPS (N2-W5-A; CMPS, C60, Level II)
Has your Product also been tested according to CEN/TS1317-8? Yes
Testing Entity or Test House CSI Spa
Performance Class Level II
Speed class 60 km/h
Other Performance Criteria tested for narrow side-strip
Does your Product comply with any other Standards, Testing Protocols, or Approvals (please describe)? RAL-RG 620
Is your product to be integrated to existing Road Restraint Systems? No
What Road Restraint systems can be combined with your Motorcyclist Protection System? Eco-Safe
What Durability Standards does your System comply with? Durability ISO 1461
Specify the Maintenance Requirements for your System no